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Beer Me!


Been slacking on updating this page, Instagram is just so much easier to use and update. Anyway, here are a bunch of things I’ve done recently. All beer related. Check me out on Instagram @Phenzy

Especially if you are a Craft Beer fan or brewer!






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It’s been awhile since I’ve done anything for this page. So I decided to draw this Wrestler/Lucha libre guy.After finishing him I realized I had no reason to draw him, but since I was drinking a Omission beer(the Pale Ale kind) I turned the drawing into an advertisement for this wonderfully magic beer that doesn’t hurt my tummy!

Bro Fuel

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on this page. I’ve been working on a huge project for a client and spending my other time posting a illustration a day over at Penandmarker.wordpress.com. This weeks “IF” word was Fuel. On my other page which I just mentioned I did a very simple gas can illustration (with the city behind it burning), but for The Crayon War I felt like mixing it up a bit. For whatever reason when I heard the word “Fuel” I thought about the Bro’s that are at any bar I ever go to (well, at least bars in the suburbs), it sounds like it would be a clothing company or something. So, from there I came up with the idea of Bro Fuel being the beer/jagerbombs etc. that a bro such as the one I illustrated would drink. Anyway, enough yappity yap here’s my illustration:

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In other news my wife and I(and a ton of other artists) are in an art show right now in Philly that is going on till the end of the month. It is a Halloween/Horror themed show. I posted a bunch of pics from opening night here. I was looking up double fisting on Google after completing this and found another illustrators interesting take on Double Fisting here. I like it, it reminds me of Lynda Barry’s style. I think this is something I’m going to try to add to my posts more often (other illustrators work that I have found that I like).


This weeks “IF” word was Remedy. Here’s what I turned out:

I was thinking about how a lot of people self remedy themselves with lots of alcohol and pills.

I found some old pills in our bathroom cabinet and used the bottle and pills that were inside it for a few reference photos.

Same with the beer can/bottle which were in my recycle container outside.

I really rushed this one and only spent about a half an hour on it, but I still like how it turned out. I really like the rushed look to this illustration.

Anyway, I know I normally try to post at least one post between each Illustration Friday post but recently I completed a piece for a website and their only request is that I wait until it is posted on their site before I post it on my own. So as soon as its posted I’ll either post it here or just provide the link. Oh, and by the way it is Batman related.