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Skatepark Show!

I made a poster for my hometown skateparks annual show/concert.

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My brother-in-law, my wife and I are in the band Seltzer. It’s really just the two of us and anyone else that is around who feels like they want to sing. We have a few songs from our first single titled “Sandwich Single + Sides” over on Mowhawkradio.com.
We have been kicking around the idea of putting out a full album soon and calling it “Real Big Dish”. I sat down and made a cover for the album tonight, it was a good practice for me because I’ve been thinking that I want to do more “Punk Rock”(Or at least what I interpret that to be) style artwork which is something I’ve gotten away from over the past few years. Someone over on my other blog (penandmarker.wordpress.com) referred to this style as grungy, and I’m OK with that too. Basically I just like the idea of simplifying some of my illustration work back down to its most basic elements, and I think I achieved this with this illustration.
Anyway, here is the insert for the album:

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Here is a version of the logo that I messed around with tonight too:

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Also, here is the full cover from the “Sandwich” single we put out:

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>A few new things, a few old things


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Here is something new I just finished. It’s a digital painting of my dog, Elvis. He is smoking a cigarette and wearing a sombrero. Silly Dog. I added some spraypaint stencil to the background after I printed this out. You can view the finished print at my facebook page here.

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These two spot illustrations were used for my Retro Video Game blog which can be found here. WWW.POOGLETSAUCE.WORDPRESS.COM

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This painting titled “WORMS ON THE BRAIN” I finished about a year or two ago. I just started making prints of it though so I had it laying around and thought I’d post it up on here.

Some of my work is also being shown at SEDSO Gallery in Philladelphia tonight. There’s some killer art being shown, free beer and Live Painting as well. If you are around the area you should go. The info for the show is below.

Saturday, April 23 ยท 5:00pm10:00pm

Sedso Design Gallery @ The Piazza

1050 North Hancock Street, Suite 75
Philadelphia, PA

Created By

More Info
Its time for Part II of the Place Your Art Here Famous Musician exhibition.We got some great new submissions and we are hosting Part II of the exhibition at the SEDSO Gallery again so you know what is to be expected . . .Live Painting, Music Performances & Beer. BYOB is also welcome.

>Punk rock and the Dude

>A few new things I did in photoshop. The first is Sid Vicious as a zombie w/ two different color backgrounds, it’s titled “Punks Undead”. I also painted this (less green) on a skateboard I had laying around…

I really like the way this one turned out, even though he looks much more like a zombie on the digital painting that I did. The texture in the background on the skateboard turned out really nice, it’s a shame you can’t get a really good feel for what it looks like with just a picture.

Next is something I did over the past 2 days, it’s a painting I did using photoshop. I have a love for the film “The Big Lebowksi” as I’m sure a lot of other people do as well. I posted a question on facebook asking what I should paint using my new Wacom tablet and one of the responses was “THE DUDE!” so I did, I really enjoyed painting this, and now I’m going to go watch the movie for the hundredth time.