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Happy Holidays!



Death Comes Ripping

I was listening to the Misfits a couple nights ago and Death Comes Ripping came on. I put this illustration together, the song always reminded me of some kind of a winged death swooping down. I put the design up on my shop. You can buy it on all kinds of things like pillows/shirts etc. There is also FREE SHIPPING until August 10th at midnight!


Pizza Party!

pizza party pillow

It’s a Pizza Party! If you like Pizza and parties this would probably make an awesome throw pillow for your couch! Luckily for you it is for sale with a bunch of other things over at Society 6, here is the link to my store with free shipping! There is a promo running until AUGUST 10th at MIDNIGHT in which you can get free shipping!

Take a look at some of the other awesome stuff I have for sale:

stuffforsale stuffforsale2

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled cause I will be adding stuff all the time!

Thanks for checking it out!



Pink Skull

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A pink skull painting I did on a block of carved wood.
It was a gift for one of my wife’s friends.
Mixed Media

There are Monsters

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A flyer I’m working on for my friends band. (Update: The finished flyer is below, I added all the info and darkened the entire thing a bit).

The show was great too! They play acoustic Misfits covers and originals (inspired by The Misfits).